Core Aeration

The purpose of aerating your lawn is to loosen the soil structure allowing oxygen, moisture and nutrients to penetrate the turf with more ease. What sets us apart is that when we aerate the lawn, we pass over it in multiple directions. Resulting in more cores pulled and less compaction. Aeration is best performed in the spring and fall.


  Over-seeding your lawn, helps build a thicker and healthier turf. By thickening up the lawn you are making it harder for weed seeds to germinate and for weeds to survive. Over-seeding is best performed in the spring and or fall, ideally after core aerating. It is important to select the proper seed for the conditions (sunny or shade). We use only premium grass seed blends. It is important to use a blended grass seed because different species of grass thrive or become distressed under different conditions throughout the season. Having a blend guarantees that you will always have a thick, green lawn.

Tips & Tricks

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