Looking for a safe way to get rid of those pesky Box Elder bugs? Every spring when the weather starts to warm we find that the south side of our house becomes covered in Box Elder bugs. Once they cover the side of the house, they find every nook and cranny to get into the house.

By using the below formula in a pump sprayer it allows to quickly cover large areas of surface. After spraying we can immediately see the bugs falling from the house and plants. This seems to continue to repel them for a period of time.

This recipe is an effective way to rid your home of Box Elder bugs-


Mix one once dish soap per one quart of hot water. Spray directly on bugs or infested plants or surfaces.

You can also use this solution on vegetation around your house and in your gardens to help repel deer and other small animals from eating your plants. This solution is a safe, easy and inexpensive way to rid your home and plants of these pests without using poisons.

An alternative to this DIY option is to hire a professional, like Billy Goat Lawn Care to do a Perimeter Spraying. This spraying will put up a barrier around the outside of your home to help prevent insects like box elder bugs and stink bugs from getting inside. One application usually lasts for around 21 days.

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