There are many lawn care companies in the world that claim to be safer because they offer a program that is “organic based”. As a consumer you need to be aware that there is a HUGE difference between organic based and an organic program.

An “organic based” program only required for the fertilizer to contain at least 15% organic matter. This leaves the other 85% open to be non-organic. These non-organic substance are usually the exact same chemicals found in a regular chemical program. Often times the organic matter that is mixed with these chemicals is Milorganite, which ultimately is composted human waste.  While this waste is devoid of pathogens, it usually contains some traces of prescription drugs and heavy metals.

A true organic program consists of 100% natural organic matter. Organic fertilizers are made from plant and animal matter such as compost, sea weed, pulverized bone, corn gluten and fish emulsions. Because organic fertilizers are slow release and made from things found in nature it is safer for the environment, for the water and all things that depend on them both.

Ultimately an organic based program still depletes soil microbiology and in the long run weakens your lawn and its ability to fight pests and disease. Where as an organic program boosts your soil microbiology and helps to build organic mass in the soil strengthening your lawn.

Billy Goat Lawn Care offers 100% organic practices.

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