There are many benefits to an organic lawn. An ecosystem that used natural practices, instead of harmful man made chemicals and compounds is safer for people, pests and the environment.

The biggest misconception about organic lawn care is that it is more work and more money. This isn’t necessarily true. By using organic practices to care for your lawn, it will become much healthier and reduce the need of weed and pest control.

As you add more and more synthetic fertilizers to your lawn you are actually breaking down its nutrients. Lawns become “addicted” and in turn become dependent on those chemicals. This leads to lawns becoming unable to defend themselves against pests and weeds as well as becoming vulnerable to drought because of their shallow root system. This creates a viscous cycle of more chemicals and watering to fight the problems originally caused by using chemicals.

By using organic lawn care you will be working with nature instead of against it. Most chemical fertilizers and pesticides can harm the earthworms and micro-organisms needed to keep your soil healthy.

Earthworms are nature’s aerators. Their tunnels allow water and nutrients to more rapidly reach root systems. They allow plant roots to more easily grow by decreasing soil compaction. The digestive enzymes of earthworms are also extremely beneficial in stimulating plant growth. They also help to oxygenate the soil and plant root systems.

Microbes in the soil act to break down natural material and complex sugars into a form that is easily taken up by plant roots. Nematodes in the soil are natural predators of insect larvae, including grubs. Mycorrhizal fungi help the plant be more efficient at obtaining nutrients and water.

All these organisms are found naturally in healthy soils. Through the use of composts and compost teas you can rapidly reestablish them in your chemically damaged soil, bringing harmony back to your lawns ecosystem.

By using organics, you are using things that already exist naturally in the ecosystem. By replenishing your soil and bringing it back into balance with nature, your lawn will become stronger, healthier and more self sufficient. The key is to feed your soil, not your lawn. If your soil is well taken care of it will take care of your lawn naturally.

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