Don’t let bugs keep you inside this summer. Let us provide you with a safe and inviting yard, free of pests!

Mosquito Spraying


Our barrier protection mosquito spraying will provide a safe mosquito free environment for up to 21 days. Not only will the treatment kill adult mosquitos, it will also halt the growth cycle of juvenile mosquitos and prevent reproduction.

Upon hiring Billy Goat Lawn Care, Inc a incensed technician will come out and inspect your property for any potential breeding areas for mosquitos. These areas will be addressed or treated. For best results standing water should be eliminated or treated with a larvicide.

We will then treat your yard by focusing on shrubs and foliage where mosquitos like to hide. Treatment is effective up to 21 days.

Billy Goat takes extra care as to not spray areas that attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Once dry, the product used is safe for pets and humans.

We offer a one time event mosquito spraying or discounted seasonal packages. Price depends on size of property.

Tick & Flea ControlTick & Flea

Add on Tick & Flea Control to your Mosquito Spraying package and have your entire yard treated. This spraying not only will suppress tick and fleas but can also help control some flies, chiggers and lice.

Perimeter Spraying

stink bug

Our perimeter spray will help to keep insects from entering your home, especially during colder weather. Our licensed technician will treat the exterior of your house by applying a perimeter barrier along the foundation, on the eaves, and around doorways. This barrier will stop insects such as spiders, bees, ants, stink bugs, box elder bugs and Japanese beetles from entering your home.

Applications are effective for up to 21 days. Sign up for a season package of 6 treatments and keep the pest at bay all summer!

Save 25% off Perimeter Spraying when added to a Seasonal Mosquito Spraying Package.

Seasonal Packages

Sign up for a seasonal package and SAVE! Your yard will be treated every 14-21 days to ensure optimal results through out the entire summer. Seasonal packages include 10 treatments from early May to late September. Depending on weather, service can be extended.  Pay for the season up front and save 10%.

If at any time, you are not happy with the results, Billy Goat will return and retreat at no additional cost.