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Lawn Care Core Aeration
& Over-Seeding

Compaction is the number one enemy of turfgrass, particularly in heavy traffic areas. It prevents grassroots from penetrating deep within the soil profile. Core aeration is a mechanical process extremely beneficial that removes small plugs of soil from the lawn.

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Superior Water Absorption

It will improve water uptake to turf root systems and reduce the risk of drought and heat stress leading to healthier, greener lawns.

More Resilient Turf

Easier nutrient delivery to the turf root system and better soil oxygenation will result in a more robust root system and tougher turf grass.

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Healthy Lawn Services in the McHenry Area

This part of our lawn care services reduces the compaction of the ground by creating channels that allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to penetrate your turf with more ease making your lawn healthy and attractive again.

As we perform lawn aeration, we pass over it in multiple directions. As we pull more cores out of your lawn, it will loosen up and improve your turf's overall health. Core aeration is best performed in the spring and fall.

Over-seeding your lawn helps build a thicker and healthier turf. By thickening up the turf, you make it harder for weed seeds to germinate and weeds to survive. Over-seeding is best performed in the spring and or fall, ideally after core aerating. It is essential to select the proper seeds for sunny or shade conditions. We use only premium grass seed blends to ensure your lawn is always thick and green, no matter the situation or season.

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