Having a healthy lawn is essential for properly maintaining and improving the overall health of your land. However, the task of uprooting weeds and crops that may be dangerous for your lawn’s health can be daunting. Furthermore, there are various tactics to do so, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

While each of these tactics may cause a lawn to appear healthier, the true issues lie out of direct sight. Below are our recommendations on various weed control strategies, including the more important activities of pre-emergent techniques and how they can protect your lawn.

Weed Control Strategies

Here are various different ways you can be proactive to properly clean and protect your lawn from damage caused by weeds:

  • Manual Removal

As it sounds, manual removal involves the tedious (but effective) task of carefully removing any weeds infecting an area by hand or tool. This is an especially effective method for those with smaller lawns or areas which are being treated.

  • Herbicides

Herbicides can be used to kill weeds and keep them from spreading. There are tons of different types of herbicides and each one will be effective in a different situation, so make sure you understand which is best for taking care of the weeds in your lawn.

Pre-Emergent Strategies

Even more important than weed removal and control is mitigating the risk of weeds growing in the first place (or at least reducing it greatly). After you have used an herbicide or manually removed the weeds from your lawn, use the below pre-emergent strategies to decrease the chance of weeds becoming a problem in the future:

Carbon Fertilizer

Believe it or not, a pre-emergent strategy is having a healthy, thick turf. Using natural, carbon-based fertilizers can help to promote the growth of crops while decreasing the growth and spreading of weeds.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides are used to both kill weeds and reduce the risk of future weed growth. This is an incredibly effective technique when attempting to completely re-establish healthy lawn practices.

Carefully Time Pre-Emergent Herbicide Use

Depending on the season, the type of pre-emergent you will want to use will vary. Both summer and winter will produce different types of weeds that will respond completely differently to various types of pre-emergent herbicides.


Weed control strategies can be intensive and involved, but with proper planning you can be well on your way to a healthy, well-maintained yard. Remember – weed control strategies such as manual removal and herbicide use should only constitute the beginning of the process. Taking the extra measure to use pre-emergent activities can help to keep weeds from growing and spreading in the future.

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