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Caring for your lawn is an incredibly important practice. We often think of lawn care as a practice that only affects the appearance of our home, and while this factor may be important, it’s impacts go far beyond that. How you care for your lawn directly impacts the environment around you – both for those who will use your land later on, as well as the community at large around you.

Many companies resort to using the lowest cost materials in order to make the greatest profit possible. After all, they know that customers are concerned about how much a project may cost, and that the lowest cost item on a shelf is sure to be the fastest selling one. Unfortunately, that’s just the way the industry works.

Billy Goat Lawn Care has taken a completely different approach. We use natural, biodegradable substances in our fertilizers that will help to promote a healthy lawn and a healthy environment.

What Makes Us Different

We care deeply about our customers and the product they use to maintain their land. Our goal is not and has never been to chase a dollar sign, but rather to encourage homeowners to care for their land as well as how their actions impact the environment around them.  Don’t believe us? Here’s how we do it:

Good fertilizer shouldn’t promote growth of one plant at the expense of your lawn’s health. A good fertilizer is meant to improve the overall well-being of a lawn, which in turn makes maintaining, growing, and managing your turf significantly easier in the lawn-run (see what we did there?) Here at Billy Goat Lawn Care, we use carbon-based fertilizers that set us apart from the competition. Many other lawn care product companies are selling unnatural petroleum-based, synthetic fertilizers which hurt your land and the eco system.

Where You Can Start

Start caring – it’s as simple as that. We are in no way assuming that you don’t care about lawn practices and maintaining your turf, but we encourage customers to start caring about everything their lawn care products affect. How does your use of fertilizers and weed killers affect your lawn, your neighbors’ lawn, and the eco system at large?

Our product can help anyone who is seeking to utilize healthy fertilizer alternatives to what the market is currently offering. If you want a solution that will fix the practical real-time issues as well as address the long-term concerns of your environmental footprint, Billy Goat Lawn Care has the answer for you.


Hopefully by now we don’t have to sell you on why proper lawn care and the products you use are important. It affects the health of your yard, your neighbors’ yard, and the entire environment around you. It’s super simple to start caring and take action to improve your land. Our fertilizers are entirely natural, using carbon-based ingredients (as opposed to our petroleum and synthetic-based competition’s products).

Reach out to us today! We are happy to talk about how you can start improving your lawn care practices immediately!

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